s​/​t EP

by Nukk

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recorded at Maq Studio on 12/13 march 2016
mixed/mastered by Haldor Gruenberg at Satanic Audio
label: Unquiet Records


released October 16, 2016

thanks to our families and friends, especially to:
Haldor, Kuba, Tytus, Kasia, Dawid, Krzysztof

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Nukk Wroclaw, Poland

emotional dark hardcore band from Wroclaw (Poland).
formed in mid of 2014.

nuuk - nuke - nukk

nihil - punx


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Track Name: Glaciers
as we lay upon cold ground
it is piercing through our heart
our minds are turning black
and i just tried to keep you warm
I know I failed
poisoned tongue just spins around
fire licks the grey insides
wrap your hands around my neck
for i just tried to keep you warm
I know I failed
If we mean nothing
we're only dust
why should we bother?
why should we trust?
did god left us or just overslept?
perfection is so distant and dreadful
cross bloody fingers - failure
thrust down your throat - failure
please go away, please go away
there's no way that i could save us both

red sun rises far in the east
i say my goodbyes
may luck forever be your friend
Track Name: Morr
This City bleeds, it's under a siege,
for too many years, try not to fall apart

dig up the dead, and bury the breathing
fake promises won't fill the hungry hearts
there's only lies hiding under city lights
hands with no purpose will lift up false flags

as fast you run there's no way through the sea or by land

so walk with me,
walk with me until the end of the road,
until the crossroads where we'll stand
and shake our hands,
goodbye because you know i'm going back
to the wretched city
I cannot leave behind
you know there's always
Track Name: Dagger
vicious wolves circle around
singing their howls into black skies
they rub on their teeth, the whitest smile
heavy breathing on their maws
their stare inside her absent gaze
oh, what a violent act
they took her heart
and tore it apart

crime born from lust and greed, her lovers plead wasn't heard
don't turn away, this awful sight won't change
they fled through the river
we can still catch them
and take our revenge

his mind was set
nothing could change
carry this heavy thought
with grim intent
fires blazing with hate
he pointed finger at them
and then we heard him

he closed his eyes
and saw her face
in touch of grace
slept away
with a smile
he couldn't hear
I tried to wake him up
I tried to bring him back
Track Name: 1706
where are the words for which I take breath, cut off this rope holding my neck
where is the silence for me to get lost in, I try not to hear that we are nothing
where is the shame for me to fight with, this words here I cannot sing calmly
I saw three black crows circling,
their wings streched out casting shadow,
their claws pointing at me
Oh I know there's always something you want to say,
but there's nothing more, there is nothing more
in my nothing you were everything to me