from by Nukk



vicious wolves circle around
singing their howls into black skies
they rub on their teeth, the whitest smile
heavy breathing on their maws
their stare inside her absent gaze
oh, what a violent act
they took her heart
and tore it apart

crime born from lust and greed, her lovers plead wasn't heard
don't turn away, this awful sight won't change
they fled through the river
we can still catch them
and take our revenge

his mind was set
nothing could change
carry this heavy thought
with grim intent
fires blazing with hate
he pointed finger at them
and then we heard him

he closed his eyes
and saw her face
in touch of grace
slept away
with a smile
he couldn't hear
I tried to wake him up
I tried to bring him back


from s​/​t EP, released October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Nukk Wroclaw, Poland

emotional dark hardcore band from Wroclaw (Poland).
formed in mid of 2014.

nuuk - nuke - nukk

nihil - punx


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